ELEPHANTS IN GERMANY - The Elefanten Treffen

It is the most famous winter motor-bike gathering since 1956 when a German journalist (Ernst Leverkus) had the idea of reuniting all the Zündapp KS 601, whose nickname was "Grüner Elefant" (Green Elephant), to know how many of them were riding over Germany. They would all meet near Stuttgart for the first years, and from Nürburing to Salzburgring, at the end decided that their meeting place was going to be the town of Solla. The participants, at the beginning of this annual tradition, were more or less twenty, but now there is an average of 7000 people at the gathering every year, and in the '70 they reached the amazing number of 15000.


Where: Solla (Germany)
Images : black and white negative, HR and LR scans available
Text: English, French and Italian versions available on demand